Gods in Eriendel

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Gods in Eriendel

Post by KingmunkeyX on Mon Sep 05, 2016 4:07 pm

Greater GodsDomains  AlignmentSex Symbol
Beory, goddess of natureNatureNFGreen Disk
Boccob, god of magicKnowledgeNMEye with pentagram
Incabulos, god of plague and famineDeathNEMReptilian eye with a horizontal diamond
Istus, goddess of fate and destinyKnowledgeNFWeaver’s spindle with three strands
Nerull, the reaperDeathNEMSkull with a scythe or sickle
Pelor, god of the sun and healingLife, LightNGMSun
Rao, god of peace and reasonKnowledgeLGMWhite heart
Intermediate GodsDomains AlignmentSexSymbol
Celestian, god of stars and wanderersKnowledgeNMArc of seven stars inside a circle
Cyndor, god of time and infinityKnowledgeLNMInfinity symbol
Ehlonna, goddess of woodlandsLife, NatureNGFUnicorn horn
Erythnul, god of envy and slaughterWarCEMBlood drop
Fharlanghn, god of horizons and travelKnowledge, TrickeryNGMCircle crossed by horizon line
Heironeous, god of chivalry and valorWarLGMLightning bolt
Helm, God of protectionLife, LightLNMStaring eye on upright left gauntlet
Hextor, god of war and discordWarLEMSix arrows fanned out downward
Kelemvor, god of the deadDeathLNMUpright skeletal arm holding balanced scales
Kord, god of strength and athleticsTempest, WarCGMFour spears and maces forming a star
Lendor, god of time and tediumKnowledgeLNMCrescent moon over a full moon with stars
Obad-Hai, god of natureNatureNMOak leaf and acorn
Olidammara, god of revelryTrickeryCNMLaughing mask
Pholtus, god of light and lawLightLGMSun or moon partially eclipsed by a moon
Procan, god of oceans and sailingKnowledge, TempestCNMTrident above a creating wave
Ralishaz, god of ill luckTrickeryCNMThree bone fate-casting sticks
Saint Cuthbert, god of common senseKnowledgeLNMCircle at the center of a starburst of lines
Tharizdun, god of eternal darknessTrickeryCEMDark spiral or inverted ziggurat
Trithereon, god of liberty and retributionWarCGMTriskelion
Tyr, God of justiceWarLGMBalanced scales resting on a warhammer
Ulaa, goddess of hills and mountainsLife, WarLGFMountain with a circle at its heart
Wee Jas, goddess of death and magicDeath, MagicLNFRed skull in front of a fireball
Zilchus, god of money and influenceKnowledge, TrickeryLNMHand clutching a bag of gold
Racial GodsDomains Alignment SexSymbol 
Bahamut, Dragon god of goodDragon, WarLGMDragon's head
Corellon Larethian, Elf deity of art and magicLightCGMQuarter Moon
Garl Glittergold, Gnome god of trickeryTrickeryLGMGold Nugget
Gruumsh, Orc god of storms and warTempest, WarCEMUnblinking Eye
Lolth, Drow goddess of spidersTrickeryCEFSpider
Moradin, Dwarf god of creationKnowledgeLGMHammer and Anvil
Tiamat, Dragon goddess of evilTrickeryLEFDragon head with five claw marks
Yondalla, halfling god of fertility and protectionLife,LGFShield

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